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AUDIO: Superfoods-inflammation By: Eliezer Gruber

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Pistachios and Blueberries – 1 serving

Ingredients: 1 oz shelled pistachios (approx. 62 nuts), dry roasted and no salt added1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberriesNutrition information: 199 calories12.8 grams fat1 mg sodium18.4 grams carbohydrates4.7 grams fiber9.4 grams sugar6.4 grams protein

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Walnuts and Dates – 1 Serving

Ingredients:1 oz walnut halves or pieces3 medjool datesNutrition information:245 calories16.8 grams fat1 mg sodium21.5 grams carbohydrates3.9 gram fiber16.1 grams sugar7.4 gram protein

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